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We are open year-round, so you can rent your bikes and return them at a time that is most convenient for you. We can also pick up our customers from many of the major hotels in the surrounding area.

Our Vision

Riding a bike is all about freedom. Biking also makes people happier, since it boosts the chemicals of the brain and provides a great exercise as well.


At Ritzy we aim to decrease smog, and provide a more sustainable, healthier and greener alternative to cars. We are aiming to provide convenient and easy mobility with our bikes to explore the beautiful landscape of Cyprus. It is way much more fun to explore the island in this alternative way than by a car, since you can avoid being stuck in traffic and see more parts of the island that could not be reached by a car.


Our main vision is to offer an alternative way to explore the island and to provide something that has a positive impact on people’s health as well as on the environment.

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Get on and go!

Have all the time in the world? Rent for an entire day and explore Ayia Napa at your leisure.

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